Communication technologies change fast but hard work and imagination will always be the key to results.

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Welcome to a website about an award winning public relations, marketing and interactivity consultancy, written by an award winning public relations, marketing and interactivity consultancy.

But please don’t run off. We promise not to use expressions like ‘burgeoning’ or ‘world-class’ or any of that nonsense. Just a snapshot of what we are about, in plain English.

We are located at Netherton Park, Stannington, Northumberland, an 18th century equestrian centre now converted into offices. Netherton Park is ten miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne, just off the A1.

We work across many business sectors with organisations ranging from start-ups to multi nationals, Government departments to charities. Admitted as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 1997, our business is governed by the Institute Code of Conduct.

If you are constantly in the media focus, with customers who love you and potential customers interested in your products or services… you are in good hands and we wish you well

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