A man has a property in his opinions and the free communication of them.

Communication using new toys

Interactivity’ is a word made up back in the late 1990’s to define what we were all sick of calling ‘New Media’. It was at least five years old at that point so in the brave new world of e-comms it was positively middle aged.

New media is an expanding term that encompasses all new technologies we have today. Interactivity is seen as a key association with new media as it sets apart 'old' and new media. Old media could only offer a sit-back type interaction, whereas new media is much more engaging to their audiences. (Wikipedia)

So ‘old media’, is ‘sit back media’. ‘Interactivity’ is ‘sit forward media’. Think film vs Wii game. Newspaper vs social networking. Billboards vs SMS messaging. Advertising vs virals.

We won’t launch you into the wonderful world of Twitter or Bibo just because everyone else is diving in. If we recommend Twitter, or any other form of Interactivity, the recommendation will be underpinned by solid business drivers.

We’d be happy to explain it all, but not here. The competition watch (Hi there) and we really feel their development will be much more rewarding if they generate their own ideas.